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Audit and Consultancy


We provide simple and effective International ISO certification and standard business solutions to better equip and develop your organisation away from commonly made mistakes, towards sustainability or sustainable processes.

Training Services

  • ISO Awareness for various levels of management
  • Effective documentation of management systems
  • Internal Management Systems Auditor Training
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • Occupational health and safety at work
  • Balance Score Card

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Important to note:
For true international ISO Certification recognition!


Gap analysis

  • to assess existing status of the Management System against set standard.
  • provide guidance in improving performance of the business processes and establishing framework for implementation of Management System, leading to certification.


  • process mapping to identify 'waste' and providing logical framework for documentation of management system both initially and for future growth.
  • to assist in establishing and implementing management systems documentation suitable for business operation, by integrating existing conforming processes and procedures into the new system minimising disruption.


  • to develop Internal Auditor capacity
  • to maintain Internal Audit Program
  • to support during certification audit


  • Trainings: to upgrade your skills with the latest revisions of ISO standards
  • Annual Internal audits
  • Process improvement exercises


  • Suppliers audits for clients
  • Independent Audits with Certification bodies
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Full Range HR

Our virtual HR service is designed for SMEs, that might not have the budget and resources to maintain an HR function in the business. We will provide all the necessary HR services from our offices with periodic visits to the business site. Overall objective will be to provide professional HR services to your business that will ensure that staff are managed properly for maximum performance and productivity.

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Our outsourcing service is designed to enable your organization cut cost on Human Resources and enable the business focus on core operations. Our design gives you a complete picture of how we improve your business for increased productivity and profit by lifting off of our clients, the administrative liabilities associated with managing staff. TTR takes care of all human resource issues typical with staff management including recruitment, remunerations, performance and productivity management.

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Training and Development

Skills Development and Employee Capacity Building
We believe continuous skills development and employee capacity building is a key function for sustainable growth and profitability. At Top Talent Resource, we are experts at making employee training entertaining, memorable, and easy to understand.  Our team specializes in tailor-made in-house training programs that fit the specific needs of your employees’ development. We design appropriate training content, methodology, and resources that deliver best results. TTR offers a wide range of services in Capacity Building and Training solutions ranging from one day event to long-term programs for companies and governments agencies to enhance performance and implement best practices.

Our programs including:
●    Benchmarking
●    Workshop development
●    Competency criteria and development plans
●    Course development: manuals, curriculum etc.


We believe that for every organization, it is important to regularly update employees with best practices and methods in their various functions.
Under our training content, e-learning is also employed to improve the learning process.

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Exercutive Search

Executive Search
Right candidates for these positions are usually not on the job markets seeking jobs. Candidates that fit well into such positions are persons doing well in other similar positions in the organizations. Top Talent Resources is well positioned to thoroughly asses and recruit these top-level management position individuals through a wide mentorship network of an affiliate organization. www.pimighana.com

Psychometric Test
To find the top performers with the skills and personality fit for the job, Top Talent Resources offers psychometric test in many career fields, including, finance/accounting, engineering, healthcare, customer service, retail, hospitality, leadership, and many more.
We believe that the candidate’s resume is not sufficient for determining an individual character, as part of the selection process, the test helps determine whether your abilities and personality meet the requirements of the position, and to determine if you will fit in to the company’s specification.

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Our Background

Top Talent Resources, an affiliate of Talent Capital Group is aimed at providing Quality HR Solutions and Management Consulting to businesses and institutions.
Our effective and tailor-made solutions are delivered in a manner that will ensure sustainable growth and profitability to your business.

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